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Coaching, consulting, and counseling:

I am an expert in personality, relationships and human development.

Located in downtown Stillwater MN, Studio Saint Croix offers coaching, consultation and counseling for individuals and couples, as well as families and other groups.

Services provided are professional, confidential, affordable for all and focus on your personal, professional and transpersonal objectives, goals and vision.

My approach is person-centered, integral and strategic. Your wants and needs are primary and defined by you. Together we work to assure that you achieve change in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Current areas of interest and specialization include:

  • Empaths
  • Highly Sensitives
  • And similarly: Enneagram Nines, INFJs, co-dependents, etc.
  • Issues relating to
    • anxious or depressed moods
    • dependency
    • avoidance
  • Any personal/professional/transpersonal issues

All are encouraged to contact me, regardless of ability to pay. My practice is absolutely inclusive, offered to one and all.

I welcome the opportunity to connect with you.  Together, we are better.  I look forward to your call!


L. Deborah Healy, MA
Master of Arts in Counseling
651 300 8271 {phone/text)