Fostering successful and satisfying relationships

Our relationships with others and ourselves are a primary determinant of our success and satisfaction in life.

With nearly four decades of employment as a counselor and psychotherapist, previously licensed in the State of Florida and board certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors (USA), I crossed over into coaching in 2016.

Coaching related to personal, professional and transpersonal issues is available.

For further information email me at studiosaintcroix@gmail.com, or text/phone me at 651-300-8271.


  • The coaching process assists you in realizing your visions and dreams.
  • The process involves strategically developing and implementing goals and objectives.
  • These targets are defined and achieved by you.


In addition to my career as a competent and caring mental health professional, I have considerable training and experience in the arts, living and working abroad, and as a small business owner.


With my foundation of nearly four decades of training and experience as a psychotherapist and counselor, my additional work as a coach is enhanced with employment as an educator and as a health care assistant.  While my current practice is strictly limited to professional coaching, I have a mature and diverse professional career which I can access when coaching and otherwise suporting my clients.